Stearns Drive Residence

LOS ANGELES, California

Replacing a home destroyed in a fire, this dwelling honors the Owner’s desire to for it to fit into the neighborhood fabric and to incorporate the physical memory of the former home. The resulting design re-interprets existing stylistic elements and give them new purpose while exhibiting the formal rationality and structural expression that characterize our work.

At once, a one-person retreat and a generational home that accommodate family for extended visits, the house is hospitable to large groups indoors and outdoors while providing privacy for each of several bedroom suites.

An articulated structural system evokes the memory of half timbering. Alternating volumes under the gabled roofs soar to lofty heights along the northern length and opens to spacious outdoor rooms along its other three edges. A large pivoting glass door stands in for the ubiquitous picture window and opens to a patio screened from the street by a lush garden. The family room and kitchen form a court around a generous dining deck.

Well-modulated southern glazing enables light penetration deep into the spaces in the winter and cooling by prevailing breezes in the summer.

Publication: Los Angeles Times

PHOTOS: Brian Jones