Fung + Blatt Residence

LOS ANGELES, California

We conceived our dwelling as a flexible environment that evolves with our changing needs. Its spaces can be perceived as a play of volumetric contrasts experienced through multiple paths.

The living quarters are located above a tall light-filled garage volume. Entered through a shaded garden and a compressed foyer, the living space soars to culminate in north-facing clerestories that provide even light and passive cooling throughout the day. Tucked against the hill, the kitchen-dining space extends laterally to patios and views. A central open stair organizes public spaces into living and service functions, and links a study to the private spaces above.

Around the exterior, a terrace on the garage roof bridges to a ground level dining patio, from which one may ascend to the upper garden and re-enter the house through a common room.

PHOTOS: David Lauridsen