Blodgett-Calvin Residence

San Marino, California

Set apart from and overlooking the landscape, the original house, designed by Calvin Straub, consists of four distinct wings that converged at a closed-in kitchen.

Below the shallow gable roofs, the house subscribes to a rigorous set of rules concerning structure, material and detail. Working off this matrix, the current update sets out to introduce a connectivity that was lacking and weave in a set of new experiences.

Jettisoning hallways and walls in the public spaces, the new open plan is redefined by strategically placed cabinetry and ceiling planes. Each adjoining outdoor court is re-commissioned into purposeful spaces with improved connection to the interior. In the main bedroom, a linear bathing zone weaves seductively into the bedroom and out to a shower garden, blurring the line between what is in and what is out.

Publication: Dwell